Our commitment

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet after oil. At Squarenuts, we are aware that in this industry, sustainability is one of the main challenges around the globe.

It has been for a long time and that is why the quality and sustainability of the textile used at SquareNuts is already guaranteed. In fact, the partners and factories that work with SquareNuts show sustainability standards that are far above the European norms.


We promise to be good for the environment. We have certificates from groups that make sure we're doing things right. But we don't just stop there – we keep learning and doing more to help the planet and the people on it.

What we do for climate change

We believe that socially responsible actions lead to success and aim to inspire others to create a better future.

Water recycling

Our innovative water recycling processes in manufacturing demonstrate our commitment to water conservation and sustainable practices.

Solar panels

Utilizing renewable solar energy, we significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, promoting a cleaner environment.

Reclyded Materials

By recycling textiles, we not only reduce waste but also minimize our water usage, moving towards a more sustainable, climate-neutral future.

CO2 Neutral

Achieving CO2 neutrality, we actively contribute to reducing global carbon emissions, underlining our dedication to environmental stewardship.

B-Corp Certification
Our B-Corp certification is currently being validated. B Corp is an international certification that rewards companies with a positive societal and environmental impact.
SquareNuts Office
Our offices use solar power and water recovery systems, greatly reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing environmental sustainability.
Partners & Suppliers
Our company collaborates with eco-conscious partners, ensuring every aspect of our business supports sustainability and ethical practices.


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