Make the difference with your branded bottles.

  • Elevate your brand with quality, uniqueness, and responsible creation.
  • Classic bottles, insulated bottles, sport bottle.
  • Sustainable materials such as recycled sugar cane, corn, cork, stainless steel, recycled stainless, glass, RPET 

Customization options:

  • 100% tailor made with your own pantone colours and patterns

  • Choose one of our stock bottles and provide your logo or design with sublimation, pad print, digital 360, laser engraving, screenround


Our pricing is competitive and transparent. We can offer the most basic to the most premium quality.

Production Timeline

We can customise the bottles within 7 days if you select one of our stock, depends on quantities and for 100% custom made production we need approximately 30 days.

Printing techniques


What People Are Saying

  • Jules Destrooper
    Sweaters, stockings, kitchen towels,... For all these items we at Jules Destrooper can count on the qualitative service of Squarenuts. They always go for correct prices, fast service & tailored advice, are flexible in terms of delivery time and deliver beautiful end products.
    Julie Lietar
    Julie Lietar
    Brand Manager
  • Universal Music France
    Top-notch customer service! Pleasant, friendly exchanges and very quick feedback very quickly. Needs are met quickly and products are meticulously meticulously developed with customer requests in mind. I highly recommend SquareNuts!
    Marie Monhurel
    Marie Monhurel
    Design & Manufacturing Manager
  • Animo studios
    Paul and his team at Squarenuts have accompanied us on most of our merch initiatives since our launch and we couldn';t be happier. They are friendly, reliable and resourceful!
    Alexandre de Vaucleroy
    Alexandre de Vaucleroy
  • DKV
    Our various experiences with Squarenuts have all been very positive. Your responsiveness, your advice, your speed in obtaining offers and samples, and the quality of the products offered at the right price all make the difference. SquareNuts is always a pleasure to work with. THANK YOU!
    Lynda Fontaine
    Lynda Fontaine
    Business Partner & Marketing Mgr
  • BMW
    You are doing an impeccable job and i'm looking forward to using your service in the future.
    Stefanie Thierie
    Stefanie Thierie
    Human Resources
  • Club Med
    What I liked the most about SquareNuts was the consistent high quality service.
    Sandrine Chardonnereau
    Sandrine Chardonnereau
    International Purchasing Mgr
  • ABinBev
    What we appreciated most was the ability of the team to cut through the predictable stages of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results
    Patricia Coppens
    Patricia Coppens


Why choose SquareNuts?

Unlimited Products

We offer over 20,000 quality products to suit diverse needs, curated to inspire our customers.

Best Value For Money

We partner with top companies to offer unbeatable prices, high-quality products, and excellent service with timely delivery.

Customer Centric

Our dedicated salesperson will provide you with the best service and solutions, focused on your needs.


SquareNuts produces sustainable textiles through experienced manufacturing partners and factories that exceed European standards.

Wear Your Brand
With Pride.

We provide support for more than 1.000 Businesses.

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Be ambitious. Challenge Us!

The transfer is a printing technique that involves printing the visual mirror on a sticker film to subsequently transfer the high temperature on any textile support. This printing technique is perfect for logos with many colors and gives very specific details. It is an economical solution for multi-color printing in small quantities. The cost of the transfer depends on the print size and the number of pieces to print.
Label in rubber
Clothing labels can be made from PVC or silicone. There are a range of different styles to the inclusion of the logo of a catchy and original way.
Flexo / Flocking
Printing flex(ography) is a printing technique that involves applying hot vinyl sheet cut by a digital plotter. This printing technique in one color is mainly used for printing simple logos, mere numbers and lettering on sports equipment (printing numbers on the jerseys of a sports team for example). The cost of flexography depends on the print size and the number of pieces to be printed. The flocking is carried out in the same manner as flexography but with a velvet effect.
Laser engraving
Laser engraving is a precise process that can be used on many surfaces. It is the light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The laser does not transmit color, but it can change the color of the engraved item. The power-process light with mirrors is simple but powerful. Any color change of the article is caused by interaction between the laser and etching the material being. Because Laser engraving is precisely this method can be used on many surfaces, it is considered the ideal method for printing promotional items. Lasers can be directed precisely on small areas and may be set for thou sands of repetitions.
Screen round is based on the same method as screen print but the product is turned during the printing process, making this method suitable for curved surfaces.